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Character's Name: XI-3PO (Ex-Eye)
Players Name: Traveler
Type: Modified Protocal Droid
Gender/Species: Droid
Age: [113]      Height: [1.7 M]      Weight: [210 Lbs]     
Physical Description: Ex-Eye is a standard 3PO style droid with a rough surfaced silver finish instead of the usual golden metal. He moves easier than the standard 3PO, but not enough to bring any unneeded attention to himself.

Blaster [3D]

Cultures [5D]
Languages [8D]


Investigation: [4D]


Droid Repair [4D]
Droid Programing [4D]

Special Abilities:
-Verbo-System allows him to mimic any voice or sound that he hears.

Move: [10]
Force Sensitive?:[Y]
Force Points: [1]
Dark Side Points: [0]
Character Points: [0]


Droid Stuff:
-Humanoid Body, -2 Visual and Audio Sensors (above and below human range), -Vocabulator Speach and Sound System, - AA-2 Verbo-Brain, -Translang III Communications Module w/ 5 Mill + Languages, -TL3 Holocam w/ Macrobinocular Hookups, -Sensor Shielded Compartment, -Scomp Link, -Onboard Blaster (Eqiv. of Blastech Heavy Blaster Pistol: Range: 3-7/25/50 , Dmg 5D, Ammo 25,)

Droid Tech Toolkit [+1D to Droid Repairs] , Various Spare Parts for himself.

Ex-Eye was once a normal Protocal droid working for an upper leveled merchent family in the Corporate Sector. Hard times fell upon the family and Ex-Eye was sold off to the droid fighting pits. Not much use as a fighter, the pit bosses modified his programing so that he could function as a droid "medic", which he did for many years. All this time, Ex-Eye somehow managed to escape the normal mem-wipes that many of his kind suffer through. Many years passed in the pits. Just before he was to be sold to the scrap heaps, he was rescued by a smuggler by the name of Case Mandaluk. Case added the holocam and the shielded compartment to his structure as well as the hidden onboard blaster. He worked for another 10 or so years for case as a security droid and as a smuggling compartment. Case was killed by rival smugglers, Now Ex-Eye is in the employ of a Young Jedi. He has been doing a variety of jobs, most being in the espionage end of the spectrum.

When out in public, Ex-Eye is a mild mannered and quiet seeming protocal droid. However when he is on the job he is a quick witted and schemeing Espionage droid. The change between the two personalities can sometimes be sudden. Even his voice changes when he switches roles.


A Quote:
"I am affraid that those nasty smugglers went that way sir......"

Connection with Other Characters:
-"Owned" by one of the Jedi Characters.