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Jason begins by clearing the room the best that he can. He cleans the floors and walls of all of his previous chalk markings and such. He then moves all of the furniture up against the walls where it will be out of the way. Looking over the wooden floors he makes sure that they hold no weak points (entropy 1) and if they do he strengthens the quantum longevity of them (entropy 3). After the walls and floors have been prepared Jason sits in the exact center of the room (Mind 1 Corr 1) and meditates, attempting to tap into the quantum pool of experience hoping to find the essence of crafting (use dream 2 to get a temporary Craft 2 Skill) After several hours in deep meditation Jason comes out of it with the trappings of the skill that he sought.

Looking over the floor Jason begins to draw out some pretty intense mathematical formula entwined with mystical goetic and cabalistic sigils and marks. Several hours pass, Jason continues to draw out the symbols and marks. By the time he is done, the walls and floor are covered with the chalk markings (Occult and Science)

Jason then stands and observes what his intuition has lead him to. Pleased with the work he gathers the supplies for the second stage of his plan.

"Geburah Yesod Ayin Dalet Netzach"

"I Invoke these names to strengthen me for my purpose."

"Geburah Yesod Ayin Dalet Netzach"

"I evoke these names to honor my fallen friends"

"Geburah Yesod Ayin Dalet Netzach"

"I have called and with God's Will, you will listen to my calls."

After saying this Jason picks up a plating hammer and a few sheets of paper thin Lead, Tin, and Copper. Cutting the sheets into thin strips

Jason begins to pound the sheets into the floor, following the patterns drawn out in chalk. Working for hours keeping his mind focused upon his work (mind and meditation) he finishes the floor and then begins with the walls. When he is finished every chalk line has been duplicated perfectly in the hammered sheets of metal. (Craft-Dream)

Knowing that the sun has fallen far below the horizon, Jason feels the weight of the days work and crashes onto his bed, quickly falling asleep.

The next morning he is ready for the last and most dificult stage.

Jason prepares himself by meditating for the first hour, clearing him mind of sleep and worry before he begins again on the room.

Drawing on the power of the symbols and the markings of the room, Jason begins his Magick by scanning for the chaos fields within the room, (Entropy 1) after mapping them out in his mind, forming a perfect duplication of the room within his mind (Mind 1 and Corr 1) he then begins to map the Temporal qualities of the room, adding them to to his model (Time 1) Keeping this in his mind, turning it over and over he begins to weave greater magicks into the ritual. Slowly, he begins, layering quantum theory with Kabbalistic trappings to strengthen his will within the room.

Building slowly Jason forms a "ward" within the room, preventing the enlightened eyes of others As he continues to turn the model over and over in his mind he begins to add time blocks into the figure. Weaving further he strengthens the wards against Temporal scans, further insulating the room from the outside. Jason, feeling that the model is almost complete begins to add the last touch, that of chaos and order to the room, engraining the equal sides of force within the room. After a few more observations of the model Jason slowly stops the chanting. Silent and tired he gets up from the center of the room and surveys his work. Jason is pleased with his work. "This shall be a powerful weapon to strike back with..........a powerful weapon indeed."


When you are in the horizon realm, Tommy approaches you. "Excuse me, Jason.. there is someone waiting for you in the Meditation room." When you try to ask him about it, he just smiles mysteriously and tells you again to go to the Meditation room.

When you enter, you see the familiar white room. It appears to be empty, but when you step inside, you can hear a rustling sound. You look to see where the sounds are coming from, and to your surprise, the statue of the cat is moving. It stands atop the pedestal, and shakes, sending dust and black flakes to the ground. It looks up, eyes glowing a brilliant blue. It jumps off the pillar and runs up to you. Startled, you can do no more than stare as it sits and looks up at you.

"Hello Jason, what took you so long?" a female voice purrs in your mind. "I have been waiting for such a long time! I'm hungry, do you have any cream?" Her fur is pitch black, and she has a delicate gold ring looped through her left ear.

As you take her to the kitchen to give her some cream, she talks almost non-stop. Her name is Meritaton and she was rescued from an egyptian tomb about 50 years ago. She was imprisoned there for thousands of years, being placed there to guard the body of a dead pharoh. This was very boring however, so when the tomb was opened, she escaped. She was picked up by a celestial choruster who just happened to be with the archaologists who discovered the tomb.

She sensed you as soon as you entered the horizon realm and had been waiting for you to come to her. But there were always other people around when you were there, so she waited. If you wish to make a pact with her, these are her terms.

3 quint/month, she wants to sleep in a golden box with a satin pillow, and to be fed cream at least once a week.


You see a bright flash, and for a moment you're somewhere else. You're crouched down beside a brick building. Everything is very dark and cold. You can see to your left is a deserted street, a lone streetlight shining its feeble glow onto the rough pavement. "Jason, we're ready," a soft female voice whispers in your ear. Your vision whites out again & then you become aware of your surroundings once more.

"Flashback Part 2"

Your ears are assaulted by a high-pitched wailing shriek. It continues, dragging you back into consciousness. You blink, and slowly your vision sharpens. A red flashing light creates a strobe light effect, accentuating the shrieking alarm. "Jason! Hurry, we can't hold them off much longer!" Dani says, voice tense with strain. You look over & see her crouched beside the wall, furiously typing in her laptop. A drop of sweat slowly runs down her cheek and hits the floor with a silent splash. Two more dark clad figures huddle to either side of her, one is chanting desperately in an alien tongue, while the other surrounds the doorway with chalk runes.

You whirl back around to face the computer terminal in front of you. The screen is still scrolling up, filled with un-intelligable code. "C'mon, c'mon," you mutter, typing something onto the keyboard. Finally, the code breaks. You're filled with a rush of elation as charts & diagrams flash across the monitor. "I've got it!" you exclaim, fumbling in your pocket for a disk. Just then, a hollow boom explodes throughout the room. You hear someone screaming with pain and the rapid percussion of gunfire.

"Jason!" Dani shrieks. Dimly you realize that it was her screaming that punctuated the room. "Do it!" she commands.