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Name: Jason Solomon
Tradition: Order of Hermes (?)
House: Fortunae
Age: 26

Description: Jason is a plain looking (although very charismatic) white male, that always looks like he is concentrating heavily on something or other. He is dressed casually but is rarely without his long black trench coat with the bulging pockets. Although he looks plain, there is something about him that makes people like him right off the bat. He is never without his small black cat Meritation or a book.

History: Jason only recently has started to recover from his amnesia. He is now on a quest to recover all of the memories that he has lost. Recent happenings in Egypt, have opened a doorway in Jason's mind. Over time he will come to know who and what he is. Jason knows that the mysterious Dr.Sleeth may hold a key to what happened to Jason, and Jason is determined to find this out before he kills the rouge Progenetor.

Bits and Pieces
The Old Man In Cairo
Mindscape 1: The Planeride Home