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"Mindscape 1"

After the harrowing ordeal in Egypt and the emotionally draining day in Cairo, Jason easily falls asleep on the plane. Despite the turbulence, he quickly falls asleep.


Standing alone on an infinite plane of white metal, Jason waits there looking at the dome of blackness above him, bracing himself against the biting wind of the nether world of his own mind. Gazing over the endless sheet of light and dark that he stands upon he thinks that perhaps this is his representation of his mind, an endless blank slate that he must recover and rebuild.


"How come you haven't opened the box yet?" Asks the dark form looming over Jason.

"It is not the right time yet, look at this place.... It is still empty except for these 5 stones here." Jason says to his dark reflection as he looks at the 5 bricks that lie at his feet. Kneeling down the magi points to the first and says, "This one here is the memory of Dani." Jason says as he begins to wipe a tear from his eye. Pointing to the next one he turns to the dark form and says, "This one is Atlantis. Or rather all that I have forgotten about it. This next pair that are bonded together are for my parents. And this last one is for the old man Azamus."

"Not enough to build a castle, but it builds the first step." Says the Avatar as it looms over the kneeling mage.

Peering down at the bricks Jason smiles and carefully piles them in the shape of a small set of steps, first a layer of three, then the other two joined bricks. "Yes a good start"


"Jason?" says the soft female voice.


"It is time to go Jason."

"I am afraid mother."

"I know son, but this is what you were born to do."

"I understand, and yet I don't"

"You will in time son, you will in time."


Jason walks down the long hallway. The passage stretches on to infinity both in front and in back of him. Lining the infinite corridor are an endless number of doors. "So what is this place?" He asks of the dark mirror of himself that walks in stride with him.

"This is the Hallway of dreams. You have been here before Jason, in fact this was where it all began...." whispers the dark form.

"I don't understand." says Jason as he looks over an oaken door carved with images of griffins and lion beasts. Quickly trying the handle he finds that it is locked. "Why are all of these locked?"

"You locked them, you need to find the keys." Says the dark shapeless form of Jason's Avatar. "It will not be an easy task...."

"I locked them?" Sputters Jason.

"Yes, but not them all..." says the dark form as it points to a black door a few steps away. "That one is still open." whispers the black one.

Jason slowly walks to the door and carefully turns the silver door knob. The mechanism seems awfully tight, but the young mage manages to get the door open. As the door opens Jason can see that there is nothing but blackness on the other side.

"Go on, you have to face it." prods the shadow.

Silently the mage walks through the door into the darkness.


Slowly Jason opens his eyes. Out the side window he sees Salt Lake City glowing in the nights darkness. Slowly a smile creeps across his face. Thinking about the padded box in the luggage hold he knows that he will have hell to pay from a certain small black pain in the butt when they get back to the chantry. Looking down at the wooden box in his hands he wonders what secrets it will share with him once he gets back to his sanctum.